Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This weeks fabulous finds!!

So sorry that I have been such a procrasinator this week. I have been busy doing some projects around the house (and of course vintage hunting LOL!) Anywhoo it is over 100 degrees here in Tucson and I have decided to take a break from painting my patio set. Grab a nice cold glass of homemade lemonade and spend some time in front of my computer. So I thought that I would start by sharing with you all some of my fabulous finds for the week. While on my continual quest to find vintage. I stumbled upon these items this week, that are just "The Cat's Meow". Have a lookie and let me know what you think!!



Item #1 is a to die for black wool purse from the 1940's. It has a really unique lucite handle on it and it's just the right size. Also in mint condition with the original metal zipper to boot. I couldn't resist it, but for $18.00 and some change, would you?

Item # 2 is a 1940's green evening dress. This dress needs a little TLC. There are no holes or discoloration, however the bead work on the waistline needs some attention. Over the years, some beads have fallen off and what not. No biggie, I only paid $10.00 for this dress at an estate sale. It would be well worth my time to re-string a couple of beads. The pleats on the shoulders and down the center are so fabulous 40's. The beadwork and embelishment is a pewter color, and I have the perfect reproduction 1940's inspired pumps to match (see below) Please excuse my messy closet! That is my next project! LOL!

These are the shoes that are just perfect for my new dress!

Item # 3 Next are these swell Du Barry patterns from the 1940's. I loved the lines on these dresses. They are so 1940's sweetheart on the homefront. I ordered these on Ebay and got a great price on them. I ordered the green one on the left specifically for a striped material that I already have. I thought that the straight lines would mesh well with the cut. Since I am not an EXPERT seamstress. I thought it would be difficult for me to deal with striped fabric and seams. So this dress seemed simple enough. I will be sure to post a pic of the finished pieces.

Item # 4 I found these 2 lovely hats from the 1930's era at another estate sale. Even though I really don't need another black hat. I didn't hesitate to throw it in my basket. Also because it is from the 1930's and is in wonderful condition. How about that great straw hat from the 30's? Very Gatsby looking. To bad I don't live in Northern California. I would wear it to the Gatsby picnic. On the right side, there is a small bit of unraveling of straw. I will have to see if it can be repaired. That definatley will not stop me from wearing this hat with a 1930's summer dress and shoes to the movie premier of Public Enemies on July 1st! You see I live in Tucson, there is not a whole lot of nostalgic events and such that take place here (sigh). I have to be in my element whenever it is possible.

Item # 5 And last but not least is a wonderful tablecloth linen from the 1940's. Even though I already have a few of these. This one caught my eye! I think it's because the yellow and brown colors together are very rare combination. You usually see alot of red, green, yellow, and blue combinations. I love both of these colors and was so excited that it was in mint condition with no holes or stains. I can't wait to put it out at Thanksgiving dinner. Perfect colors!!

Well that's all folks!!
Thanks for visiting and hope to post again this week....



  1. Oh! very nice stuff you found.
    I envy you because you have the chance to find such things, I have tryed to find vintage clothes here..well I live in a small town, so there are no vintage stores or something similar, I've been looking for using the net but have no luck =( the only vintage clothes I found were from my mom..but from the 70's because all her 60's or 50's dresses aren't here anymore. =(

  2. Cool finds! I'm a guy, so most of the things you found aren't my cuppa green tea personally but I do value their beauty and their worth. I'm big on vintage, like others, I was born in the wrong time ;) Great blog.


  3. Thank you! I appreciate your comments!

    Lizzy: Have you tried looking on Etsy in their vintage section. Somtimes there are lovely vintage dresses for sale at reasonable prices.

    Rupert: I really appreciate the fact that you are a gentleman who loves vintage!