Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bakelite Buttons!

Hey there,

So... I was having lunch with a friend yesterday at Caruso's. It's a fabulous little Italian restaurant located on 4th Avenue near downtown Tucson. It has been open since 1938 and plays a big part in some of the history still left on 4th Ave. Not to mention the fabulous Italian food there! Yum! After we stuffed our faces full of food. We needed to take a stroll. So naturally we headed down 4th Avenue to a couple of my favorite vintage stores. I really wasn't planning on buying anything this week. Partly because I don't need anything right now. And secondly because we are headed out to California in a couple of weeks and I was saving my vintage shopping funds for that, ya know? You know that buying vintage is not a matter of need or not. It's a matter of; when you see a fabulous treasure that is very far and few in between. You pick it up before you will never see it again LOL! So here is the item that I just couldn't resist. The epitome of a 1940's war time dress with a swell collar. But what really tickled me pink, was the butterscotch Bakelite buttons it had on it!

Original Caruso's sign from 1938!!

The Dress!!

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